About Us

We provide our customers with professional, quality services at affordable prices.

What We Do

Safe House Investment Services focuses on helping homeowners and investors with their real estate needs.  Some of our offerings:

  • Lawncare

Lawncare can be a challenge for investors that own several properties.  Whether the tenant is responsible for lawn maintenance of the owner, we can supply the necessary lawn maintenance for your property – or refer the tenants to us and we’ll work with them directly.  From regular lawn cutting, trimming, shrub maintenance, and fall cleanup, we can take care of it.

  • Debris and junk removal

Sometimes tenants leave a mess behind.  It can be overwhelming for an owner to see how a property is left for them.  Call us and we’ll handle the logistics of debris and junk removal.

  • Realtor services

We can assist with getting your property listed on websites for maximum exposure in the market.  Whether you are selling or looking for a new tenant, we’ll take care of it.

  • Renovation and handyman repairs

Contact us for renovations to your property – or even simpler handyman repairs.  Toilet and plumbing issues, house painting, light fixture installations, and much more!

  • Moving services

When you move, there are many other responsibilities encountered.  Most individuals are moving due to a life changing event, such as a job or family matter.  Those can weigh heavily and cause more stress.  So moving and the work required to move is extensive.  Hire us – and we’ll come in with our professional moving team.  Everything will be packed up securely, transported to your new address, and unloaded.

  • Swimming pool sales